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xGuard is a comprehensive security solution that protects businesses against cyber threats. In addition to acting as a gateway, our product includes various functions and offers integration with many products. Businesses can simplify and manage their complex security requirements with xGuard.

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Secunnix Red Team evaluates your organization's resilience at every stage of the attack lifecycle by simulating a safe but realistic attack using tactics used by real attackers.

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Blue Team

The importance of Blue Team services is becoming more evident in the world of cybersecurity. The term Blue Team is defined as the internal security team, especially in the field of cybersecurity.

Purple Team

Purple Team; It is the coordination team that ensures the effective management of Red Team and Blue Team. This team tries to fulfill the attack requests from the Red Team by optimizing the vulnerabilities and techniques they find.

Leak Test

Penetration Testing is an evaluation method used to evaluate how secure an organization's information systems are.

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