Purple Team

Dealing with rapidly evolving threats in the world of cybersecurity is an essential part of a company's strategy to maintain its existence and grow. Purple Team is a concept that combines offensive and defensive approaches, offering advanced tactical and healing work.

Alternative Scenarios
Optimized Defense
Real Simulations
Continuous improvement

Why Purple Team?

Purple Team is a special team that provides effective coordination and cooperation between Red Team and Blue Team.

- Red Team: Simulates attack requests, vulnerabilities and techniques they find.
- Blue Team: Optimizes and implements defensive techniques and controls.
- Purple Team: Analyzes, develops and implements the outputs of these two teams, thus providing stronger defenses and adding maximum value to corporate security.

Purple Team is a critical tool for businesses to dynamically manage cybersecurity systems and the team in the most efficient way. And also:

- Provides understanding of the big picture for both Red Team and Blue Team.
- Helps develop a faster and more effective response to security risks.
- Allows to model threat scenarios closer to real-world attacks.

Purple Team should be an active part of your cybersecurity strategy. It can help maintain and improve the security of your business by optimizing the match between Red Team's offensive capabilities and Blue Team's defense mechanisms. Set up your security shield with Purple Team and stay one step ahead in the cyber world.

Purple Team Services


Better Scenarios

Threats scripted within the Red Team plan may include zero-day, ransomware, or other unique attacks. This helps the security team understand how prepared they are for potential threats.


Optimized Defense

An understanding of how the defense techniques developed by the Blue Team work effectively against the vulnerabilities found by the Red Team.


Real Simulations

Realistic attack simulations to understand how resilient you are to real world threats.


Continuous improvement

An approach that continually strengthens your security shield, keeping pace with the changing threat landscape.

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