xGuard is a comprehensive security solution designed for on-premise and cloud-based email systems. This product is not limited to just one sandbox restriction, but has the ability to work simultaneously with all existing sandboxes. Thanks to this unique feature , users do not need to search for an extra solution.

Unique Modules


Anti-Phishing Module

This module of xGuard is a system in which mails are scanned before they reach the user and potentially dangerous files are rejected. Rejected files are added to the xGuard interface, so users can examine the e-mail contents that are detected as dangerous in detail with the incident response feature. In addition, they can perform signature sharing thanks to virustotal integration for global signature sharing.


Hashbox Module

This module is designed to store signatures of malicious file contents. It provides simple options for system administrators to easily obtain detailed analysis and signature records.


Sender Domain Analyzer Module

It is designed to increase the security of sent e-mails. Potentially malicious status of the sending domain is investigated and if it does not meet the specified criteria, this domain is added to the Anti-Phishing module and black-listed. This module is the date the domain was registered, previously It feeds the Anti-Phishing module independently, examining whether it has been used in malicious activities and its risk score.


URL Analyzer Module

Checks incoming URL structures in e-mails. When potentially dangerous links are detected, these links are added to the interface. URL Analyzer sorts risk factors according to certain criteria and adds them to the list of high-risk links. This module is synonymous with the Anti-Phishing module. It is an independent skill that works concurrently.

xGuard constantly monitors security vulnerabilities and patches in on-premise e-mail systems. It warns the system administrator about critical vulnerabilities. It is very easy and comfortable to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. In short, xGuard is a comprehensive solution for your e-mail security. provides an integrated and user-friendly solution.

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