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This cookies agreement provides information and explains to you about the use of cookies on the website or platforms (Platform) operated by [Company Name] (We, Our, Company). The following issues include our policy regarding the use and management of cookies. :

1. Definition of Cookies and Purposes of Use: Cookies are small text files used to make the Platform more effective and provide you with a better experience. These files are saved on your device by your browser and can be accessed by the Platform. Cookies are used to remember your preferences, It is used for purposes such as collecting visitor statistics and providing content.

2. Types of Cookies: The cookies used on our platform can be of two basic types, session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser, while persistent cookies are stored on your device for a certain period of time.

3. Managing Cookies: You can refuse to accept cookies using your browser's settings or have the ability to delete them at any time. However, be aware that some features of the Platform may not work properly without cookies.

4. Third Party Cookies: Third party service providers may also use cookies on our platform. These third parties may use cookies to provide advertising, analytics and other services. We recommend that you review the policies regarding the use of third party cookies.

5. Changes to the Cookies Agreement: We reserve the right to update the cookies agreement from time to time. We will inform you through this agreement when there are any changes.

This cookies agreement has been prepared to inform you about how cookies are used, types and how they are managed. By acting in accordance with our policy on the use of cookies, you can personalize and improve your Platform experience.

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