Red Team

Red Team services play a critical role in cybersecurity. So what exactly is Red Team? Red Team refers to a team of experts who run threat simulations targeting an organization's cybersecurity defenses. This team tests an organization's security posture by simulating real-world threats.

Vulnerability Test
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Why Red Team?

The primary purpose of Red Team is to identify security vulnerabilities and potential vulnerabilities of an organization. However, this is not an approach that focuses solely on technical vulnerabilities. By taking an organization's cybersecurity operations from a holistic perspective, Red Team assesses not only technological vulnerabilities but also potential risks to people and processes.

Another important function of the Red Team is to test the defensive abilities of the Blue Team. This is critical to understanding how effective Blue Team, the organization's cyber defense team, is against real-world threats. Red Team activities provide the Blue Team with valuable training opportunities and show them how they can respond more effectively to threats.

Red Team services can help an organization fully understand cybersecurity risks. However, this is not limited to identifying potential vulnerabilities. Red Team also evaluates Blue Team's operational processes, defense capabilities against potential threats, and training needs.

A Red Team operation involves testing specific threat scenarios. These scenarios can be customized attacks or simulate zero-day vulnerabilities or the most common threats today, such as ransomware. This allows the organization to realistically assess its ability to defend against threats it may face in the real world.

As a result, Red Team services play a critical role in evaluating how effective an organization's cybersecurity strategy is against real-world threats. These services enable the organization not only to understand the current security situation, but also to see how it can defend more effectively against future threats. Therefore, the importance of Red Team services is increasing in the modern business world.

Red Team Services


Penetration Test

Penetration testing is the name given to attack simulations performed to detect security vulnerabilities of an information system. These tests try to gain access to the system from the perspective of the attacker. By targeting full access, potential vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities are identified. At the end of the tests, the findings are analyzed in detail and reported.


DDOS Service

DDoS is the most well-known denial of service attacks. This attack simulation service simulates various types of DDoS attacks, testing the organization's ability to defend against such attacks.


Forensic Informatics (Fraud Analysis)

When a Fraud incident occurs, the Expert Red Team team conducts an in-depth analysis of the incident. It determines how the event occurred, which vulnerabilities caused this event, and reports this information.


Social Engineering

Social engineering is a method often used in cyber attacks. Within the scope of this service, the security awareness of the employees of the institution is tested. Using targeted phishing techniques such as Spear Phishing and Whale Phishing, it is determined how susceptible employees are to such attacks. As a result of these tests, the areas where employees need to be trained are revealed and reported.


Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability analysis is a detailed examination carried out to identify security vulnerabilities in an organization's information systems. As a result of these analyzes, inventories with security risks and untested systems are detected. Obtained findings are reported and suggestions are made to eliminate vulnerabilities. Then, it is tested again whether these vulnerabilities have been fixed.

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