The threats brought by the digital age require businesses to constantly evaluate and update their cyber security strategies. In this complex environment, Secunnix Cyber Security offers a unique solution for the creation and development of your company's cyber security teams. Here is an overview of the details of this service and how it works.

Red Team, Blue Team and Purple Team Perspectives

Secunnix Cyber Security checks your systems from different perspectives:

- Red Team: Conducts simulated attacks to understand how your systems can be exploited by attackers.
- Blue Team: Analyzes and strengthens existing defense mechanisms and protocols.
- Purple Team: Creates a more comprehensive and effective security profile using a combination of offensive and defensive strategies.



Inventory Extraction

In the first step, all assets, systems and technologies of your organization are identified and analyzed.


Risk Assessment

Existing threats and risks are evaluated so that an effective security strategy can be established.


Identification of Deficiencies

Existing security measures and protocols are reviewed, potential weaknesses and shortcomings are identified.


Information Security Awareness

Assess how aware your staff is about security threats and organizes trainings to raise awareness.


Compatibility Check

Compliance with legal and industry standards such as KVKK, GDPR, ISO27001 is checked and adjustments are made when necessary.

Resolution Measures and Reporting

After all these stages, necessary solution measures are determined and an action plan is created. This plan is presented to you as a detailed report, so you can put your strategy into practice.

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